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The lost son is a story like any other family story. It is base on real-life events. Ian, a typically stubborn teenage boy who thought he knew it all. He was rebellious, outspoken, and reckless. Because he was the pastor’s son, people had high expectations of him. Nonetheless, he could not live up to it and became resentful. After meeting Helen, his behavior spiral out of control. He ended up moving out of his parents to be with the love of his life. He thought he would have more freedom to do whatever he wanted. However, things did not work out as he planned. After his relationship went south, he then learned being an adult making decision is not that simple. He joined the Navy to change his destructive path. Ian finally had his life together running a successful business and finding love again. However, all of that changed when someone from his past was seeking revenge costing him everything he worked so hard to build.


When a soldier, Commander Ryan Walker, enters into a relationship with Nicole Francois, he must face setbacks, secrets, and conflict that will haunt him.
After falling in love with the woman who saved his life, he later discovers she is carrying his child. Commander Walker seeks asylum to get her out of the country stricken by violence. Instead, he is indicted on rape charges, leaving the woman he loves behind. Although he endures many hindrances, he continues to serve his country with integrity. Separated from her and his child for four years, he returns home ready to start the new chapter of his life. Then the unthinkable happens after meeting with a stranger from his past. His life becomes a living nightmare as he fights to keep his wife and child safe.



An Invitation From Hell is an epic tale of a young woman who had a supernatural experience during a ritual ceremony.

Bree, a preacher’s daughter, was tired of being pressured by the church and her parents to be a leader. So after graduation, she applied to an out-of-state university to take a break from church, or preferably God. Unfortunately, she found herself in the wrong company. Bree began to struggle with her faith when she found herself juggling school and partying with her friends. She deliberately cut communication with her parents to cover the guilt within. Bree knew she was going on the wrong path, but never attempted to repent because she wasn’t ready to take that step yet. However, Bree knew that she couldn’t run away from God. She had a rude awakening when she found out the dinner party Ana invited her to was a ritual ceremony to worship Lucifer (Satan).


This story is about a boy named Max who admired his dad. His dad had no idea that the little time he took to spend with him meant so much to him. Sometimes his dad was so tired coming from work but he always made sure that he’d spend at least fifteen minutes alone with Max. He took him to the park, treated him when he behaved and also disciplined him when he misbehaved. Sometimes it’s a little thing that parent(s) do for their children that they remember. What you think means nothing is worth a million to your children.


The Mighty One, a tale of a donkey named Gat who was so intrigued by the Forbidden Forest that he decided to go on an adventure in it. Gat who grew up hearing many stories about the Forbidden Forest but it sounded much better when Spencer described it to him. Gat’s curiosity grew even more and he became fascinated with the Forbidden Forest. There was not much going on at the farm and Gat wanted to explore something beyond the farm. He longed to see the beautiful waterfalls, the tall trees that reached up to heaven, the rivers, the gorgeous grass, flowers, and other friends that he would meet.


The story of Little David is a tale not unlike many Bible stories in which faith in God reaps the rewards to the faithful. David is a brave little boy who acquires extraordinary strength through his trust in God. One day, he saves one of his father’s sheep from being eaten when he fearlessly stands up to a ferocious lion, aims his slingshot, and slays the lion. David’s dad rewards him for his bravery and unwavering faith.




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