If you find yourself on this page, I want to welcome you. Whatever it is, you will get through it.

I have been thinking about opening this extra page for a while now to offer biblical help and support to those of you who are struggling with the scriptures. Look, I want you to know that we all have our struggles that we are dealing with, and sometimes you need a word of encouragement and some guidance. I seek guidance from an elder at times because sometimes there are some things we can’t figure out on our own. It is okay to seek help rather than struggle by yourself. I want you to know that everything that we are experiencing in our life is for a season. Two things will happen in the season of your trial, you either overcome it or are overpowered by your struggles. The question is how are you handling it?  I will bring up Job because even though he was devoted to God, he got to a point where he nearly gave up. After all, his pain becomes too much to handle. During that period in your life, you do not need someone like Job’s wife, but the three friends who sat with him talking to him to help him gain his hope back.

I will be the first to tell you to seek our heavenly Father first in whatever you are struggling with. Only He alone can hold you through the storm in safety. Nothing is too small or great for Him to handle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek guidance from others. Also, stay in prayer always. With all that said, if you have something you are dealing with spiritually and need some guidance, I’m here to help. Understand, any guidance I will offer to anyone will be by the Torah. How can I help? I’m listening.

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