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I’m glad you’re here! I welcome you again to my site and blog. I would like to inform you that I have an online radio station on Zeno FM called 4RealtalkRadio.  I will be on Youtube to provide important information to those who need it. I will discuss a variety of topics, and hopefully, you will find a topic that suits you. My belief is based on biblical principles. I’m a strong believer in the Torah and believe that the instructions that God gave to Moses are to be followed. To have a closer relationship with God we must abide by his commandments and apply them to our day-to-day life. I will not be around the bush when it comes to the word of God. You either love God, or you don’t. You either keep His command, or you don’t it is that simple. The word of God shouldn’t be sugar-coated. Every subject that I bring must be proven and aligned with the word of God. I will encourage anyone who listens to my radio station or read my blogs to study and do their research. It is important to seek God and understanding. I understand that everyone has their own opinion. I respect that and I ask that we be respectful to one another. I thank you for listening and reading my blog.

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