The mystery of our heavenly Father & Son’s name

Hi everyone, I hope this blog finds you well. I wanted to inform you about the new information that I found about the names Yahuah and Yahusha that I have used in the past. I will continue to say that it is important to stay in prayer and constantly ask our Father in heaven for wisdom and understanding. It is vital that you seek the heavenly Father for yourself and ask him to open your eyes to see the secret of the Torah. I think I told you guys my story that I was raised a Christian. Even though I was going to church, I didn’t fit in the church because I had so many unanswered questions. The behaviors I witnessed in church and so many other things weren’t adding up to me. Nonetheless, I never stop praying to our heavenly Father for wisdom and understanding. It wasn’t until December 2017, I found a video a brother named Yarashlem made talking about black history. I have to say that his video is what led me to re-evaluate the history I’ve learned in school. It raised my curiosity to the point where I started to do some research and keep seeking the truth. I will forever be grateful for this man because he pushed me to seek information that is not taught in church or schools. I thank our heavenly Father who opened my eyes and poured into me wisdom and understanding. So, if you follow my blogs you will see that I used the name Yahuah and Yahusha a lot. At the time of my research, these are the names I thought were legitimate because you don’t see them in the original Bible that the masses use. It wasn’t until a few months ago I found out about the Bantu people. The Bantus are the same people who were bought and sold from the continent of Africa to the four corners of the world. They are the descendant of Avraham, Isaac, and Yakobe.

Again, if you follow me whether my blogs or my Youtube channel I always encourage everyone to study, pray, and seek our heavenly father for wisdom and understanding. Ignorance in the time we are living in is inexcusable. Unless you are illiterate even if it’s the case our heavenly Father said if you ask of Him anything  He will give it to you. He is the one who grants wisdom and understanding. That’s why it is constantly my prayer that our heavenly Father pours more wisdom and understanding in me. I’m always reading and seeking because I’m aware of the wickedness the scholars have done by adding and removing from the book of the law (The Scroll). If you read the Bible you can tell so many things especially in the New Testament that don’t add up. That’s why the Spirit of discernment is very important, and we need to have it. I wrote a book in 2019 titled Who are these so-called negroes scattered to the four corners of the earth. Most of the information is correct, but according to the new information that I gathered in recent times, the name of our heavenly Father is not Yahuah nor the son’s name Yahusha. This has proven the dept of the misinformation that is out there. Understand, if our heavenly Father doesn’t reveal these mysteries to us, we will remain in darkness, and we will die in our ignorance. The mystery of the woman in Revelation is real. The Catholic church has caused so much confusion that makes most of us appalled. May the heavenly Father have mercy upon us.

The scholars who translated the scroll know a lot about the Bantu people. The elite’s agenda is for the Bantu identity to remain hidden. As long as these people remain in darkness and confusion they will not return to their true God and culture to dominate as they used to do in past times. The Old Testament history made it clear how powerful the Bantu people were as long as they keep the commandments, laws, and statutes their God gave them to follow. As long as the Bantu people remain in darkness and continue in their ignorance of the truth, the people who stole their identity will continue to dominate and enslave them mentally and physically. The Roman Catholic church’s role is to make sure that these people never find out who they are and the name of their true God. That is why they are circulating the wrong names. Most Bible that the masses read has names such as God, Lord, Jesus, and Israel. They came up with other names water down Hebrew mixed with Yiddish like Yahuah, Yashar’el, El, El Elyon, Yahusah, Yahawashi, and so on. These names are ancient idols’ names. Many of us took the bait and thought they were the correct names but are not.  They went further and changed the location of the promised land. They have changed the map of Africa and the names on the map to hide the truth. Nonetheless, the truth is in the pudding. They rewrite the history of the Bantu people and make sure the school system and churches don’t have any of their information. They took the Bantu history that’s in the Bible and link it to the Jews who have stolen the identity of the Bantu. The Bantu people carry their history books to church and have them in their homes, but they were taught that it belongs to the Jews and not them. When you review the black or the so-called negroes history, it only started during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. There is a perfect explanation behind it. Understand, this also has to do with the cursed Moses spoken off in Deuteronomy 28.

What the other nation failed to understand is that in the end time the Bantu people will return to their God because it is in the prophecy. Their punishment was set for four hundred years. So, where am I going with all of this? I want to remind you that we must seek the truth constantly. There will always be new information that you have not heard before, and some of this information will be foreign to you. That’s why you can’t be lazy or think that you will be saved by going to church every Sunday. To think that you will learn the truth from your pastor is ludicrous. The pastors themselves are ignorant of the truth. Since it is a learning process for all of us, we have to prepare ourselves to update or reset our minds when it comes just like a computer. With all that said, I will no longer use the name of YAHUAH or YAHUSHA because it is not the heavenly Father’s name nor the Son’s name. I found out about it three months ago that the Father’s name in Bantu is So Nini Na Nini and the Son name is Msindisi. Anytime you receive new information you must research the information, or ask the heavenly Father to reveal the truth to you. The thing is if we think about it, our heavenly Father’s name will not be in most books because it was removed on purpose so the Bantu people never find out. But the fake names you will find easily. How it works is, the enemy always has a backup plan just like Satan their master.

Once they have any suspicions that the Bantu are close to discovering the truth, they throw a curveball. What I mean by that is, they will uplift a different name that no one has heard before to make people think that it is the correct name. They already have churches in every corners no matter where in the world you find yourself teaching people to break the commandments rather than keeping them. Understand that these people own all the archives and the biggest companies in the world that have all the information that the people have access to. Therefore, it is easy for them to add anything they want that will not be suspicious for the time being. I have been praying about the new names since I found out about them. I asked the Father to reveal his name to me or put His name in my mouth whether I’m asleep or awake. Surely, on the second Sabbath last month, if I recall well, I had a dream. In my dream, I saw myself standing in my backyard and I saw a man that I knew who died many years ago. I noticed that he was touching the fringes on the clothes that were hung on the line outside. I asked my mother who was standing next to me whose clothing is he touching. I approached him and said in the name of Yahusha Hamashiach I rebuked you. He moved backward-looking at me puzzled and asked, who is the Hamashiach? Then I said once again to him in the name of So Nini Na Nini I rebuke you. I hit his chest with the towel that was in my hand and said in the name of So Nini Na Nini, I rebuke you. He ran away, and I saw him vanish through the field. I think that was confirmation from our heavenly Father about his name. But I’m really careful though about the name. I’m still praying because He hasn’t revealed the son’s name to me as of yet. Although, I’ve learned that it is Msindisi in the Bantu language.

That’s one of the reasons I will re-review my blogs where I have used the name Yahuah and Yahusha to correct them. I will use the name God because it means supreme being. Our heavenly Father is the supreme being. I know it is not his name, and I choose to use God for now until I get more confirmation from him. Like brother Headley said, to find the truth, you must go to the village and speak with the elders who have not been meddling with television, the mainstream media, books, and other things that the colonizers brought to the continent of Africa. Some villages in Africa are set apart, and other people don’t have contact with the people living in them. They are the ones we should have a conversation with to find out the truth. But, regardless, we must always go to our heavenly Father because He is the author and the finisher. He is the one who can pour wisdom and understanding into us. He alone can show us the truth about ancient times and His true name just like he did for Moses when he spent forty days and forty nights on the mountain. I will continue to keep you informed. I pray that you seek him with all your heart. With that note, I say be blessed.

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