Truth or Lie Pick One

I wanted to elaborate on my tagline Truth or lie a little. On the various topics that I will discuss in the future, some of you will believe it to be a lie, and some will take it for what it is, the truth. First, you need to ask yourself what truth or lie is? I heard a politician said on national television, “If I tell you a lie and you believe it, it’s not a lie.” After I had heard it, it didn’t make sense to me until last year. I know many of you heard of or seen the movie Matrix. I’m going to use the Matrix analogy with the topic Truth or Lie Pick One. When I watched the movie years ago, I didn’t understand the full meaning of what Morpheus was relaying until my eyes were opened. Some of you may laugh thinking that I’m crazy actually to believe in the Matrix. However, if you follow this blog, you will understand why I believe. Also if you never saw the Matrix, I suggest you watch it then it will make sense to you. So, I don’t lose track, remember when Morpheus was talking to Mr. Anderson in the room showing him the Blue Pill and the Red Pill. You take the blue pill the story ends there, or you can take the red pill, stay in Wonderland to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. That’s what my tagline expression is. Hopefully, I don’t lose you. Anyway, what I want you to understand about this is when anyone tells you something remember that there are always two sides to it. Don’t just accept what you were told and end the story there. What you want to do is stay in Wonderland, and you will have the opportunity to get both sides of the story. Believe me, only one side of it will be the truth. I know you are probably asking where am I going with this? From the time we were born, we’ve learned a lot from our parents, school, and society. Many of us never once question anything but instead, we teach our children the same thing, and the cycle goes on. Matter of fact if anyone was to try to show you something new you get to the defensive mode. 98% of the time you don’t even know what you’re defending is true or not. Most of us feel that if my parents did it, and it’s been around for so long it must be right. That’s where we’re all wrong. Many of the things that we’ve learned from our parents, school, and society aren’t the truth. Things are not always what they appear to be. So, what that means is we are living in the Matrix. If you don’t believe me, follow the next blog topic. Also, I’m commanding you to research the topic yourself. So, do you still want the blue pill or the red pill? Do you want to end the story or do you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Truth or lie pick one.

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